LESM - Linear Elements Structure Model

LESM is a MATLAB program for linear-elastic, displacement-based, static analysis of two-dimensional and three-dimensional linear elements structure models.

Authors: Luiz Fernando Martha and Rafael Lopez Rangel
PUC-Rio - Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and
Tecgraf Institute of Technical-Scientific Software Development of PUC-Rio (Tecgraf/PUC-Rio)
Rua Marquês de São Vicente, 225, Gávea
22451-900 - Rio de Janeiro - BRASIL
lfm@tecgraf.puc-rio.br and rafaelrangel@tecgraf.puc-rio.br

Users are free to use this educational version of the program. However, neither the authors, nor PUC-Rio, nor Tecgraf/PUC-Rio, nor any related institution are responsible for any use or misuse of the program and the results. The aforementioned assume no liability or responsibility to any person or company for direct or indirect damages resulting
from the use of any information or the use of any of the software made available here. The user is responsible for any and all conclusions made while using the program.
There is no warranty and no guarantee.

In case of any malfunction of the program, please contact the authors.

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It is required MATLAB installed in your computer, or the corresponding runtime library.

Complete Installation

Complete installation with MATLAB runtime library. Indicated for those who do not have any version of MATLAB to run the standalone executable.

Executable Only

Standalone executable of LESM. Indicated for those who have one of the following versions of MATLAB installed, or the corresponding runtime library.

Nongraphical Version

Source code to run the program in the MATLAB environment without the graphic user interface.


User Guide

Explanations about the considerations of the analysis models, sign convention, use of the graphical interface, etc.

Published Files

Source code of the nongraphical version available in a format generated by the MATLAB publish command.

UML Documentation

The Unified Modeling Language (UML) is intended to provide a standard way to visualize the design of a system through diagrams.

Methods Diagram

This ia an interactive diagram that indicates the calling sequence of the methods responsible for the analysis module of LESM.



Release History

Related book

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